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Dubai's Number One Choice for Professional Badminton Coaching

Coach Deepika

    Coach Deepika started her Badminton career at the age of 12 years and has learnt the game from a number of internationally renowned coaches. She is very much in love with the game and plays left-handed. Due to dedication, commitment and love towards Badminton have led her to the below-mentioned accolades, known as “Queen of Badminton” in Sri Lanka.

Badminton Credentials 

as a player

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Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is on offer with Badminton-Dubai for all ages with a view to training individuals to a high competition level. We also offer special 'ladies only' sessions.



For Badminton, at a more competitive level, we run a Badminton League on a Wednesday and Friday.


Kids Clinics

Saturday 9 am-11 am is specifically for ages 5-17 years and aims to develop individuals from a young age into competition standard players.

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